Clean And Green — 5 Spotless Reasons To Hire A CIMS Certified Cleaner

When you’re looking to hire a cleaning firm, it may be a bit confusing trying to find the best one. What do you look for in a professional firm?

You don’t want to hire a company just because they bring their own mops — though that’s nice, of course.

Cleaning is important to our health, safety, and public image, so it’s important to hire the right people for the job. Luckily, there are certification firms to help us narrow down the list!

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Here are 5 pristine reasons to choose a certified cleaner:

1.Certification For Simplification

Only an expert can truly judge expertise, so a certification crafted by professional cleaners is easily the simplest way to make sure your cleaners are top-notch.

Arguably the best certification you can find is the CIMS, or Cleaning Industry Management Standard. This certification is crafted and managed from within the cleaning industry, by experts, for experts.

The certification has different levels, some of which are required for the US Green Building Council’s Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

2. Keeping It Green

It’s becoming more important every day that we keep our products and practices green, for reasons related to the environment, government programs, and marketing.

The CIMS GB (Green Building) certification is specifically tailored to provide clients with the maximum potential for earning points in the LEED system while greening their operations.

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3. Real Benefits

There are more benefits than just a warm feeling inside from doing your part. Green buildings have financial benefits as well.

Green buildings in the US have been shown to have a 13.9% lower operating cost, as well as a 10.9% higher property value.

4. Health and Safety

To put it simply, cleaning is important, and you want the best. Anyone can push a mop around, but if you want your operation to be truly clean, you want a highly specialized certified cleaner.

They won’t just make your building look nicer, they’ll improve the air quality and maintain the health of the people who spend time there.

5. Marketing

Last but not least, the all-important marketing. In a world that’s been fraught with pandemics and scares of all kinds, people want to feel safe.

You can provide that for them by letting them know you’ve got the best, the brightest, the greenest cleaners on the market — and that they’ve got the certifications to prove it.

No matter what your incentive, you can’t go wrong with hiring the best.

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CIMS-GB certified cleaners will give you the best possible clean — and a whole range of other benefits — all while providing you with a feeling of security knowing the job’s well done.

Don’t take risks with your health, or the health of your business. Get the best clean, from the best cleaners.

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